Welcome Back

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Welcome back! We hope you had a restful holiday and are ready to get back into the swing of things. But before you do, take a deep breath and imagine the warm breeze and rustle of palm fronds. Relaxing, right? We here at the Texas Computer Cooperative want you to feel that way as much as possible. We’re here for you.


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Every organization needs to Bring in the Best™. Why not use a home-grown solution, created and maintained by the Texas Computer Cooperative? CareerPortal is the way to go for a robust, versatile recruitment tool. And our customer service is second to none. Contact us with your questions.

Easy Core Questions

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One of the great things about CareerPortal is that it makes the repetitive tasks associated with job recruitment a breeze. All applicants need to answer certain core questions, right? Well, why would you want to have to type those up for each job position in your company? You don’t have to when you add Core Questions. And once applicants have answered them on their Profile Questions page, they’re done too, no matter how many jobs they apply for. Think contact information, reference and resumes here. Bring in the Best™ with CareerPortal. Get in touch with your questions.


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The Texas Computer Cooperative (CareerPortal, iTCCS & TxEIS) would like to congratulate the Astros on their World Series win last night. As software made for Texans by Texans in Texas, we couldn’t be prouder of their determination and accomplishments. We like to think we have some of that spirit here at the TCC. Go ‘Stros!