TASBO 71st Annual Conference

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One more to go. The TASBO is a big one, as you know. And once again we’ll be up in Austin from February 27th to March 3rd (March already? That’s madness.). The booth will be set up on Tuesday night (2/28) and all day Wednesday. We’re in spots 517/616. Come by and talk iTCCS, TxEIS, CareerPortal or anything else for that matter. You’ll be glad you did. See you soon!

Job Approval Workflow

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You want to make sure that everyone who should be is involved when you’re posting a job. That’s what Job Approval Workflow is all about. You pick who needs to be in the workflow and we’ll take care of the rest (well, we do the heavy lifting — you still have to approve the job posting). You want to Bring in the Best™ — we’re here to help. Head over to our website for contact information.

Reference Requests

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Don’t forget that we have Reference Requests via email. Get feedback for applicants by sending a reference request to one or more of their references. They’ll be directed to CareerPortal where they can leave information. It’s convenient (who wants to be bothered with phone calls?) and quick. Bring in the Best™ with CareerPortal. Learn more about our recruitment tool.

TASA Midwinter (Booth 836)


Winter Conference season is upon us. We’ve got three lined up. The first is the TASA Midwinter Conference in Austin, Texas. Stop on by booth 836 to ask us some questions or just to say, “Hi!” You’ll be glad that you did. We’re looking forward to seeing you early next week. Oh, and be ready for an interesting booth change…

Swing of things


As we all get back into the swing of things after the holidays, we wanted y’all to know that we’re here for you. Our unrivaled customer support means that you don’t have to go it alone. Let us know if you need help with anything and follow us on our WordPress blog (CareerPortal | iTCCS | TxEIS), Facebook (CareerPortal | iTCCS | TxEIS), Twitter (CareerPortal | iTCCS | TxEIS) or Google+ (CareerPortal | iTCCS | TxEIS) for the latest news and updates. Want all of that in your inbox once a month? Sign up for our Monthly Social Media Roundup newsletter (on iTCCS and/or TxEIS Facebook or WordPress). Oh, right, and don’t forget the iTCCS and TxEIS newsletters. We want you to be well-informed. Call it teamwork.